Princess Cut vs Cushion Cut Labgrown diamonds

Do you know the difference between a princess cut and cushion cut diamonds? Both types of diamond are chaste, plain and flattery. However, they do have a few essential differences that you may want to know before your next purchase. Both have a brilliant cut with many facets to sparkle and reflect the delicate gems. The princess cut is in a square shape while the cushion cut is rectangular with a roundish edge on top for a more womanish look. A princess-cut diamond has sharpened points on the highest and bottom of the diamond. And Cushion-cut diamonds are cut with gentleman curves that produce a rounder profile. Both cuts come in unobstructed, yellow gold or white gold settings and can be set either way depending on your style. 

Firstly, you need to know about what is a diamond cut and what are other types of diamond cuts. 

What is a diamond cut?

The cut is the way a diamond has been shaped and polished. The cut of a diamond is one of the most essential things to consider when buying a diamond because this is what determines how much white light enters the stone and makes it sparkle! The other cuts will reflect, or return back to you, other amounts of light.

Diamonds are graded by their ‘cut’ grade, which represents the proportion, facet, and symmetry of how well it has been cut. And also, its polish and finish (how well it has been polished).

Types Of Diamonds Cut Available:

There are many types of diamond cuts include; Round brilliant cut diamond, Oval brilliant-cut, Heart-shaped cut, Pear cut, Emerald Cut, Asscher Cut, Radiant Cut, Marquise Diamond, Princess-cut, Cushion-cut. But princess cut and cushion cuts both cuts are most requirement one. 

Rounded brilliant-cut is comprehensively the most popular diamond shape because it produces the most sparkle from its facets. And is also known as the ‘King of Diamond Cuts’. But it’s not the only shape that produces sparkle, so you need to determine which cut or shape suits your lifestyle. Now, we can take a look into Princess Cut vs Cushion Cut; Both cuts are considered excellent cuts but they are shaped variously with separate facets (and therefore, light performance). 

What Is A Cushion Cut?

It is square-shaped with a rounded corner with a mild or very gently curving edge. All four corners of the stone are polished flat. The dimensions of the facets for this cut are identical to those for a round brilliant cut, Cushion cut diamonds have 58 facets. This makes the diamond more regular and increases its sparkle. 

Characteristics of cushion diamonds

The cushion cut diamond has a rounder, softer look with pacific curves. It is a very lovesome and womanish shape that has been popular with ladies since back to the 1700s; years back, the cushion diamond was the plainest shape used for jewellery. This persisted until today when the round brilliant diamond cut became more popular. The cushion cut diamond gives off fire and brilliance because of its facets; it is faultless for someone who wants a chaste, yet showy stone. This design makes it suitable to be set in platinum or white gold setting. The stone will appear larger in a platinum ring than in a white gold setting.  

  • Facet; The most essential part is the number of facets. A Facet is the flatly surface of a cut diamond. There are routinely 58 facets on a cushion-cut diamond; It is great for its uncollected symmetry as it has 58 facets, but now a modern cushion cut is also ready that has 64 facets with more sparkle and brilliance. 
  • Ratio; A cushion-cut ratio variations on the shape of a square, secretly round, or rectangle. Depending on the ratio; If the ratio is unconformable, your cushion-cut diamond will either secretly resemble a round cut or a radiant cut diamond. The most epidemic ratio in cushion cut diamonds is between 1.00 to 1.05. And although they tend to cost more.
  • Fire and brilliance; The most essential characteristic of a diamond is its fire and brilliance. The fire and brilliance vary depending on the cut, shape, size, quality and price of your diamond. The more fire and brilliance of a diamond, the more light will be reflected back to you. 
  • Size; The size of the diamond determines how large and small it will look. The larger the diamond, the more sparkle it will have. Size is one of the self-important factors as its effect the price of a diamond. The most popular sizes in a cushion cut diamond range from 1.10-1.20 length to width depending on your preference. 

What Is A Princess Cut?

It is a cut that is shaped like a square with an afflictive corner. A princess diamond has 57 to 76 facets, the most in any cut. Princess cut engagement rings are very popular because they are still very refined and lovesome, and are much more affordable than round diamond engagement rings. 

Characteristics of a princess cut diamond

Princess cut diamond is another popular choice, as it is considered one of the most elegant shapes on the diamond market. It can be more pricey than a cushion-cut depends on quality, but it’s still affordable sufficiency than round diamonds. So, many can enjoy them on their fingers daily, princess cut diamonds are the second most popular choice for diamond engagement rings after the round brilliant diamond cut. Princess cut diamonds are powerful for those who prefer simplicity over flashiness. This shape has sharp edges and angles, showing off an even distribution of light across the surface of the stone. 

  • Facet; The more facets; the more sparkle your diamond will give off! Princess cut diamonds have 57 to 76 facets; That is more than cushion cuts. The facets on these diamonds sparkle more than the others because they are cut with more precision.
  • Ratio; Princess cuts can either be square or rectangular. A square princess cut is fair when the length and width are both between 1.00 and 1.04. A rectangular princess cut is excellent when the length and width are both between 1.07 and 1.15.
  • Fire and brilliance; Princess cuts have a little higher rate of brilliance. They are considered to be the first choice for those who want that added bit of sparkle.
  • Size; The size of a princess cut diamond is very essential. Remember, the great the diamond size is, the more dramatic it will be. You can choose any diamond size according to your taste and preference. Princess cuts are so popular in the market now, because of their proper size.

Princess Cut vs Cushion Cut: Which Sparkles More? 

Although princess cuts tend to have higher light performance, it is considered that princess cut diamonds sparkle more. Many people compare cushion-cut diamonds to sparkling water or crushed ice. But in two words, they are both pretty. It is believed that princess cut diamonds are more sparkling since they have more facets. But, in reality, it depends on the quality of the diamond. 

Types Of Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

There are many types of a ring designs that are commonly made using cushion-cut diamonds. These include three stone rings, solitaire rings, halo rings, eternity rings, etc. Cushion cut diamonds can be matched with any metal you want.  

Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Three stone ring;

This is the most popular type of ring setting for cushion cut diamonds. This ring design is composed of three diamonds, one at the center of the ring, and two on either side of it. This setting is the traditional type of ring design.  

Solitaire ring;

The cushion cut is also the best choice for solitaire rings specially for engagement events. There are many designs of a solitaire cushion cut engagement ring. This setting is best if you want something simple and elegant, but yet modern.  

Halo setting ring;

One of the most popular types of cushion cut diamond rings that many couples choose to wear as their engagement rings. This ring has a halo-setting on top of it, consisting of several smaller diamonds arranged around the center stone. 

Types Of Princess Cut Diamond Rings

There is a various style of rings for princess cut diamonds are available. These include paving setting, or channel setting, and four-prong setting engagement rings. Princess cut diamonds are the best combination of platinum and white gold. 

princess cut ring

Pave diamond setting;

This is a very popular diamond setting used for princess cut diamonds. This setting has a very unique design, which is made up of a band made of small diamonds. This design is classic, which suits excellent with engagement rings.  

Channel setting;

With the channel setting, the ring features a stone set in a metal frame. The metal frame usually consists of rails that sandwich the stone. The stone is then placed at the center of these rails. 

Four prong setting;

In this setting, there are four prongs around the stone that holds it securely in place. This setting in platinum makes a diamond more shiny and complete. Four prong setting ring with a princess cut diamond can be a certain gift for your loved ones. 

The Price Of A Princess Cut vs Cushion Cut

As previously mentioned above that, the price of any diamond depends on the quality and size of a diamond, but for your clarification, we have put a comparison of both diamonds contemporaneously. The average price of a 1 carat Princess Cut diamond with I colour, VS2 clarity is $5,776. While the price of a 1-carat cushion-cut, I colour, VS2 clarity is $4,927. 

Price of a Princess Cut Diamond

A princess-cut diamond is a type of diamond with a square shape table. It has a higher proportion of light-reflecting facets than other types of diamonds. This makes them more valuable than other shapes. Princess cuts may be more high-priced than other cuts over, but a price depends on its quality that includes clarity, colour, carat weight etc. It also depends on the size of a diamond, the bigger the size the costlier it will be. 

Price of a Cushion Cut Diamond

It’s one of the most popular shapes among women who love fashion jewellery. A cushion cut diamond is very common; therefore, it’s not high-priced as a princess cut. It’s an excellent choice for an engagement ring. Well, the price of cushion cut diamond also depends on quality, size and shape. E.g. A high-quality cushion cut can cost you more than a princess cut diamond of unconformable quality.



When compared to round brilliant cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds can cost anywhere between 25% and 50% less. The proportions of cushion cut diamond allow it to be more affordable than any other diamond shape, while it still retains the brilliance and scintillation which makes them faultless for the budget-sensible consumer.


The Princess cut diamond is known for its distinctive and lovesome shape and because of this, it typically looks larger than the cushion cut diamond. The opinions on which of these two shapes offers a more appealing appearance very nobly depending on each individual’s taste and preference. While most jewelers and owners of diamond stores agree that the Princess cut diamond is the more visually imploring option.


If you have a short budget and still want to get a diamond, then the excellent option for you will be going for a cushion cut diamond. Since the cushion cut is a bit less extravagant than other cuts, buying one should not put a dent in your pocket.

Consider your options carefully and choose wisely. You can take these tips into account when choosing between Princess Cut Vs. Cushion-Cut diamonds. It will make your choice much complying

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