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Wholesale Melee Diamonds Supplier for Jewellery

We are a supplier of melee diamonds for your jewelry like rings, engagement rings, watches, earrings, pendants, etc. Buy the best wholesale melee diamonds to add extra and shine to your jewellery. Melee diamonds look beautiful, mostly on an engagement ring or halo ring with all types of the center stone. Melee diamonds are small size stones that bring more shimmer in jewelry.

Loose Melee Diamond for Ring & Watches

At Caratnation Store, We offer you a broad scope of wholesale of loose melee lab-created precious stones. On the off chance that you intend to purchase melee lab jewels online, our items' value is attempting. With the assistance of our talented fashioners, We produce melee lab diamonds ethically sourced.

Also, these jewels are climate agreeable and are accessible in a broad scope of shapes and sizes. Our melee diamonds are much more affordable and shimmer. You can use this melee diamonds in your engagement ring or watches, also in your gold diamonds ring or silver diamonds ring, etc.

Melee to Shine Diamond Jewelry

Melee is the tiny lab-grown jewels. Jewels, which are under 0.15-carat weight and 2.6 mm — 3.5 mm distance across. This sort of stone is generally utilized in eternity, halo-ring and jewelry, or cluster settings. Our expense of lab-created melee stone is less in contrast with solitaire diamonds or large carat diamonds.

Melee's precious stones are giving glamour to the solitaire jewel in radiance and group rings. Melee jewels are generally found in the wristwatch these days. The large number of small diamonds set in your jewelry, the more shine your jewelry gets.

Diamond to Add Extra Sparkle in Jewelry

We have two types of melee diamonds: Single cut melee diamond and Full-cut melee diamond. Full-cut melee diamonds are mainly used nowadays. They add extra sparkle in jewelry. You can use these melee diamonds in Place it in a ring.

Melee Diamonds can be set into rings to make a beautiful fashion accessory or even an engagement ring. You can also create a bracelet, Add it to a necklace, Make a diamond pin or hair clip, Get it fixed to look fresh and new, etc.