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Lab Grown Diamonds

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When a diamond’s size range between 0.90mm and 1.25mm, it is classified as a -2 diamond. 

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Star diamonds are range between 1.25mm to 1.90mm size, which means it is even smaller than melee diamonds. Because of the size of it also called “dust diamond.”


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Melee is the small diamonds whose size is between 2.6mm to 3.5mm. They are mostly seen in the watches and side stone in the ring. 


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Diamonds with a size range between 2:70mm and 4:30mm are called pointers diamonds. The pointers diamonds are range from +11:00 to -19:00.

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Diamonds that are less than one carat are categorized as diamond dossiers. And Dossier diamond’s size ranges from 0:33 to 0:99 carat size of the diamond. 


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Solitaire diamond is a single large diamond. It can be used in the solitaire ring with incants or alone. Nowadays people also like it in the studded earring. 


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Fancy shapes Lab created diamonds include Princess cut, Radiant cut, Pear cut, Oval cut, Marquise cut, Cushion cut, Emerald cut, Heart cut and Asscher cut.



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Lab Grown Diamonds Manufacturer

Diamond is the symbol of love, Perfection, Forever, and Commitment. That’s why they can set in an engagement ring. Here, we are providing you with the best diamond for your engagement ring.

Best place to buy loose diamonds here caratnation because of we are manufacturer wholesaler & supplier for lab grown diamonds. We generally synthesize diamonds in wholesale for you.

Likewise, we supply Lab-created diamonds worldwide. Furthermore, we also synthesize melee and solitaire diamond. So, you can get your diamonds at a very reasonable cost and in high quality from your comfort zone.

Our Lab grown stone produce in various fancy shapes, carats, and colors. We provide VVS and SI clarity with certification. You can also get your lab diamond ring here for your jewelry store. We have a jewelry’ collection that may steal your heart!!

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Synthetic Lab Diamond Supplier :


To get your jewelry shimmer more; We provide small and tiny diamonds called “melee diamonds.” The smaller stone allows the bigger stone to sparkle!! These synthetic melee diamonds are much reasonable for their size.

Also, They are more eco-friendly because they are grown in a lab. These are usually seen in settings like Eternity, Halo, and Cluster setting.

These melee lab grown diamonds produce through the HPHT method. We provide you with the best loose melee diamonds that look perfect and more brilliant on your gold or silver ring and other jewelry.

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Lab Grown Diamonds Wholesaler :


Lab grown diamonds also known as a man-made diamond, lab-created diamonds, synthetic diamonds, manufactured diamonds, grown diamonds, engineered diamonds, man made diamonds etc. They are made in the Laboratory through the modern method called HPHT and CVD diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds have the same properties as natural stone and are much more affordable than natural ones. They are almost 30-40% cheaper than natural. This means you get the same quality diamond at a lower price.

Diamonds and stars are both time tested allegories for things like brightness, strength, forever, excellence, desire, expensive, rarity, and so on. But, little as melee diamonds are, We have one more diamond called “star diamonds.

“These lab grown diamonds are likewise referred as “diamond dust.” These diamond sizes range somewhere in the range of 0.009 and 0.021 carats.

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Diamond For Jewelry Store:


There are also some little diamonds called minus2 diamond. They are practically similar to star diamonds, yet these lab-created star diamonds are more affordable and productive when compared with minus2.

We also sell jewelry for men, lab grown diamonds for the chain, solitaire diamond for engagement rings and stud earrings, etc. Lab grown solitaire diamonds means the single stone set in the whole piece of jewelry.

These can be any size and shape. According to the common phenomena, solitaire diamond can represent an engagement ring, stud earrings, or a solitaire lab grown diamonds pendant.

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