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The diamonds have the same properties as natural diamonds, But grow in the laboratory by using modern technology from a small carbon seed is called lab created diamonds.

Lab-created diamond has its own resale market where you can sell it at a fair price. It can be sold likewise to real diamonds.

Our lab created diamonds are cutting by expert workers. Cutting diamonds need knowledge, tools, equipment, and techniques. Both lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds have the same cutting process.

You can buy online. Here you get many options, save time and travel expenses, directly purchase from manufacturer, wholesalers, and compare different pages before purchasing.

Yes, our diamonds are certified by IGI. Lab-created diamonds are graded the same as natural diamonds from 4c’s (cut, clarity, color, and carats).


Yes, We provide free shipping worldwide on order of diamonds valued more than $10,000.00 US.

No, we don’t have a cash-on-delivery system.

On custom request we can speed up the delivery process our inventory within US locations.

Almost not, but it depends on your location. Contact us for such an emergency. We will try our best to avail it in a short period.

You can contact us before the item has been shipped  to change your shipping address. This changed will get enforced only after we can reconfirm the requestee and arrange it with the shipping agency.


All payment methods are accepted; for more information, you can contact us.

Choose the credit card payment option in the checkout.

Choose the PayPal payment option in the checkout.

Your shopping is 100% secure; We always protect your data.


Yes, We offer a customized option where you can modify your order as per your need.

This being a business product we can provide you instore credit in case of any return request within 7 days once the order is delivered to you.

There will not be any returns on custom orders.

You can replace a product within 30 days without confessing the reason for returning.

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