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Leading Manufacturer of Fancy Shape Diamonds

In Caratnation. Store, We are leading the market in manufacturer for fancy shapes diamonds. If you are looking for different shape diamonds for your jewelry. Here, we have all kind of fancy shape diamonds in our collection. As we are wholesalers, Our fancy shape diamonds are very less expensive and affordable as compared to others. We produce our diamond in laboratory with the help of technology, like CVD & HPHT methods to make it more eco-friendly and ethically sourced. Here you can get all type of fancy shape diamonds like;
  • Princess Cut Diamonds.
  • Marquise Cut Diamonds.
  • Cushion Cut Diamonds.
  • Emerald Cut Diamonds.
  • Radiant Cut Diamonds.
  • Pear Shaped Diamonds.
  • Oval Diamonds.

Synthetic Lab Diamond in Oval, Radiant, Pear Shape

We make synthetic lab diamond in shapes like Oval, Radiant, and Pear shape, etc. Here, we are trying to show you all these shapes of diamonds that we are providing you. Oval cut diamonds are just bigger round brilliant cut, and they are mostly used in engagements ring with four prong setting. Now, Radiant cut diamonds are most faceted diamonds and pretty unique from other stones, Radiant cut had most sparkle. And, pear shape diamond had the best setting in six prongs, two prongs on each side and two on bottom and top of the diamonds. pear cut is mostly used in ring, neckless, etc. Pear and marquise shapes are trending in 2021. All These diamonds are also available in a variety of colors.

HPHT Fancy Shape Diamonds in Heart, Princess, Emerald Cut

Consumers looking for a piece of diamond in heart shape, princess cut, emerald cut, etc. can take advantage of our lab grown HPHT diamonds. You can get a beautiful heart shape diamonds here for your bracelet, rings and neckless, etc. Also, we have a perfect princess cut diamond, and emerald cut diamonds for your jewelry to look it more attractive. For pave setting, princess cut diamonds are the perfect one. You can also buy small diamonds from us for your pave setting.

Loose Wholesale Diamond for Necklaces

All you will need to know is what diamond size you require for the diamond necklace. We at lab created diamond store can supply you with all measured fancy shape man-made diamonds for your beautiful fine jewelry neck pieces. We have an expertise for supplying loose lab diamonds in pear and marquise shapes. which are measured to jewelers or jewelry designers need of the jewelry. Pear and marquise are the best diamonds for your neckless, they are on trending for neckless. And if You are buying a loose diamond from wholesale, you get it at the very lower cost. You just have to decide a carat and shape of the diamonds that's it.

Buy Lab Diamond for Necklaces

Whether you are looking for a birthday present for your wife or simply trying to buy the perfect ring for your girlfriend. you have likely considered purchasing a fine piece of jewelry. For your fine piece of jewelry we offer you with the best fancy shape lab diamonds. You can find your diamond here as per your need and choice. We give our best diamonds for you and your jewelry. In above, we already talk about all shapes diamonds and how you can choose your jewelry as per diamond shapes and choose your diamonds as per your jewelry. Here, you can buy a fancy shape lab diamonds for your neckless, ring, bracelet, earring, etc.
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