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Lab Created Fancy Color Diamonds in wholesale

In our product, We also sell lab created fancy color diamonds In our lab created diamonds. Store. Generally, Here you can buy all different fancy colored diamonds in wholesale. We have different color diamonds in various shape. We are offering this fancy color diamonds to you at a very affordable cost. And set perfectly in your jewelry. Furthermore, we have DEF diamond color. Our color collection of diamonds have various colors like;

-Yellow color.

-Pink color.

-Blue color.

-Green color.

-Orange color.

-Brown color.

-Violet color.

-Gray color.

-Purple color.

-Red color.

-Black color.

-White color.  

Fancy Color Diamonds in Marquise, Asscher, Square Shape

If you are searching for fancy color diamonds, but not get a shape of diamond you want. So here, we are providing you with the best fancy color diamonds in a shape you want. Our color collection diamonds have different shapes like; Marquise shape, Asscher shape, Square shape and so on. Also, color diamond look beautiful in heart shape diamond cut. We are selling loose color diamonds in various shape, So you can choose your diamond shape and color with side stone etc. as per your need, Then custom your jewelry as you wish. These fancy color diamonds can set in a ring, engagement rings, necklace, bracelet etc. 

HPHT Fancy Color Diamonds Manufacturer for Jewelers

We are a diamond manufacturer, we produce color diamonds from HPHT method in lab which are very lower in cost. You can definitely find here a beautiful diamond for your piece of jewelry. Color diamonds are mostly used in engagement rings nowadays. We do offer diamonds to jewelers as we are manufacturer wholesalers, our product are less costly. If you are a jeweler, you can buy these color diamonds at a very lower cost and make a jewelry and attract your customer towards you. We also provide graded certification of our all kind of diamond here.

 Loose Fancy color Diamonds at Wholesale Price

Buy your loose color lab diamond here, and customize your own jewelry. You can get different color diamond and shape at wholesale price. Bonus point is, they are more Eco-friendly and ethically sourced too. You just have to do is select a diamond shape, carat size of a diamond, choose a fancy color and contact us for your order. Our staff are always available for you to provide you with our best diamonds and services. These diamond are made for your jewelry by our expert hands.

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