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What is Melee Diamonds?

Melee diamonds are the smallest diamonds in the diamond industry. The lab-grown diamond made it easier to reach the melee diamonds in the market as in natural diamonds, finding melee diamond are very much tricky. Melee lab made diamonds are mostly used for cluster or eternity setting as it makes marvelous sparkling texture when many of diamonds set in single jewelry. Melee lab grown diamonds can be found in every color.

What is Solitaire Diamonds?

A single diamond is known as solitaire diamond. When it set in a ring, it become a solitaire ring which we heard a couple of time when gone to purchase a ring. The reason it famous so much among people because of its rareness and price. Finding a big solitaire loose diamond is very much complicated, and if you find it, then also the cost of that diamond is untouchable.

Fancy Shape Diamond

Finding a natural diamond in your favourite shape is nearest to impossible because most of the natural diamonds are made to be round cut only. But after discovering the lab grown diamond, the dream of wearing the various shape of diamond is possible. Lab grown diamonds are available in many shapes like princess shape, oval shape, cushion shape, marquise shape, drop shape, square shape and many other.

fancy color Diamond

As diamonds are mostly used in white, we accept that the other colour diamonds are gemstone which is not valid. Lab-grown diamonds made the colour diamonds as the same technique as made white diamonds. The colour like pink, brown, blue, black, yellow or green can be seen in a lab created diamond as some of the colour diamonds are difficult to find, so they are costly than others.